My Review of Wonder Woman



Here is my review…


Gal Gadot is hot and great in the role.

I enjoyed the movie.

The movie annoys many of the right SJW morons.

Did I mention Gal Gadot is hot, AND Israeli, which is sure to annoy even MORE SJW’s?

So, I give this movie 4 Stars of David…


Or 1 very large, very angry SJW…


See it TODAY!

Preferably before or after eating Chik-fil-A so as to further annoy SJW’s.


And now for something further for SJW Feminists to choke on…

gratuitous cheesecake representations of Wonder Woman:

Hat tip to Hashtag Media  for SJW Wonder Moron links

Hat tip to David Burge* for Chik-Fil-A link.

*Wittiest, most incisive Twitter User EVER…Burge Chik Fil A







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